Yoga is a Practice. It is a discipline.
It takes discipline to practice.
To deepen your awareness of the body and the breath is no easy feat.
I will ENCOURAGE you in your practice and your journey as you explore your edges and limits. I LOVE to teach and share from my own practice. Together we will CONNECT not only with the physical body, but with the breath and our spiritual and emotional selves.
Come practice with us!
It's more than just a workout.
Golden Plank Yoga is a place for both movement and stillness. I practice yoga because it reminds me to seek balance, balance between work and play, training and recovery, movement and stillness. Yoga helps me keep my muscles and joints strong and flexible to enjoy an active lifestyle. I teach yoga to share this with others. Through our practice together at Golden Plank Yoga, we will seek balance in not only our physical bodies but in our minds and lives as well.

I love to learn, and strive to teach and share from my own personal journey. As a competitive athlete, I spent years overtraining before being introduced to yoga. Since learning how to better practice self care, I have invested in over 200 hours of training and continue my own practice at other studios, workshops and festivals.

Tia Williams
Owner, teacher, RYT200
Golden Plank Yoga is a place to reconnect, find balance, let go and have some fun!
There is so much energy to be shared when we practice in a group. Together, we will create a space where we can meet, practice and learn together. A space where we can learn to more fully experience our bodies, minds and lives, while we learn to let go of the stress we carry. A space where we can have fun, laugh at ourselves and not take life too seriously.